PhonePe Interview Experience.

PhonePe is a mobile payments app that allows you to transfer money instantly to anyone, by using just their mobile number. Their goal is to make digital payments so easy, safe & universally accepted that people never feel the need to carry cash or cards again.

How I got the opportunity?

I am currently a fresher and appeared for the role of Software Engineer. I got the opportunity through LinkedIn. I contacted an employee and asked for a referral.

Interview Process

It consisted of 3 rounds( 1 online test + 1 Technical Round + 1 Hiring Manager Round).

Online Test (16th May 2021)

I received the test link on 12th May 2021, but I gave the test on 16th May 2021. The test consisted of 3 questions and 1 hour was given to solve the entire test. The test was held on CodeSignal platform. I was able to complete the entire test in around 45 minutes. All the questions were implementation based, 1 was LC easy and 2 were LC Medium.

Technical Round (24th May 2021)

I received a call around 20th May that I have cleared the online test and my technical interview will be held on 24th May 2021. This round was hard as I had to solve 3 questions in this round in 1 hour with complete implementation. Thanks to all the Codeforces Contests I was able to solve all the questions. The round started with my introduction then we immediately jumped to the coding questions. The 1st question was a directed graph modified BFS question. The 2nd question was a medium DP question. The 3rd question was a very hard DP based question. The interviewer was very helpful throughout the interview. The time complexity of all the questions was asked, before the implementation.

Hiring Manager Round (2nd June 2021)

I received a call around 31st May 2021, that I have cleared the technical round and now a final Hiring Manager round will be scheduled. This round was more of a discussion about my whole engineering journey and my experience in all the internships I did. Questions based on OS and DBMS were also asked. This round lasted around 1 hour.

On 4th June 2021, I received a call that I have cleared all the rounds and they would be extending me an offer.


I hope I was able to explain the entire process at PhonePe for Software Engineer role.

I also got an offer from Disney+ Hotstar for SDE-1 role, if you want to read about their interview experience my friend Avinash has written a very detailed blog about. Here is the link.

Feel free to connect if you have any doubts, feedbacks or even otherwise!




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Yash Gupta

Yash Gupta

Software Engineer@Disney+ Hotstar